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"...Quinton and his team was able to apply all of our different textures, finishes and construction ideas into a unique remodel. We were so pleased that we used Q Creations again at the new Jose Muldoon’s Family Mexican Cantina on the east side of Colorado Springs."

– Luke J Travins
New Concept Restaurants Colorado Springs

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Quinton Montgomery

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Woodland Park, Colorado 80866

Phone: 719.213.4959

Q Creations creates creative wall finishes in Colorado including Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Castle Rock, and all along the Front Range, proudly using American Clay™ products.

At Q Creations, we don't just do walls.

We apply decorative wall finishes using American Clay and other natural plasters. American Clay Earth Plasters are a natural, environmentally friendly way to finish any interior. Non-toxic and made in the USA, these plasters are an alternative to cement, acrylic and lime plasters, offering superior color, richness, texture and depth not found with other finishes. Offering for basic styles of finishes: Loma, Porcelina, Marittimo, and Enjarre.

Loma™ The Original Earth Plaster. Loma™, meaning "earth" in Spanish, conveys the essence of suede through its sensuous matte surfaces resembling the textural delights of a Tuscan farmhouse. Made with reclaimed marble, sand, and multiple clays, our patented formula offers a remarkable breadth of surface possibilities. Loma™ is also the basecoat for our other plasters.

Porcelina™ is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy. Porcelina™ is truly closest to quality of "porcelain" ceramics for which it was named. Satin smooth, easily blended for marble-like surfaces, Porcelina™ casts a spell of beauty…with an edge of contemporary, crisp lustre. Sometimes mixed with lime putty, Porcelina™ is the most frequent choice for formal interiors.

Marittimo™ is a name created with the "mar" (or "sea") at its core. Maritimo™ uses recycled, crushed shells from the U.S. Gulf Coast. This plaster top coat brings the greatest textural surprise of them all. Its faceted luminescence is produced by burnishing and light sponging brings back the spirit of the shells used in this formulation.

Enjarre™ (n-har-ray) is the newest single coat "color integral architectural coating." Enjarre™ brings a new dimension to the application of American Clay Natural Plasters. It was created to offer affordability for large commercial projects. Enjarre™ provides a unique option to homeowners or builders so that they can choose to start with a single coat of color integral plaster and later upgrade with a second coat of one of our premier plasters.

We can also apply other types of finishes ranging from lime based plasters to gypsum based hand textures. If you are interested in other finishes to complement the American Clay finishes we will happily deliver.

For more information on how Q Creations can enhance your home, drop us a note!

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